Well since I have pretty much nothing going on in my life and absolutely nothing to talk about, I decided, like many people in this situation, to start myself a blog.

Really I need an excuse to write, I don’t write anymore, I don’t make time for it, and when I do have the time I lack the inspiration. And honestly, this makes me sad. So maybe if I force myself to write, even just silly, stupid stuff it will get me back into the groove of writing, get me back on that authorial track. I don’t thinks thats a word, but I don’t care, because this is my blog, and if you don’t like my made up grammar, spelling, and words,  then don’t read. Really in fact I don’t care if anyone reads this, cause like I said, its my blog, I’m reading it, I’m writing it, and the end.

So thats it I guess.

Well this is my first musing for today, well besides all that above, last night my mom was lamenting about the lack of ggod sitcoms on tv anymore, and then she had an epiphany, she asked me why are all the good sitcoms made by black people, and I told her matter of factly, because black people are funnier.


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