Mama said there’d be days like this

My brain hurts, my feet hurt. I’m so hungry but I’m too lazy to eat anything, theres a granola bar on my bed but the thought of eating it is just making me sick. all i want is a mountain of ice cream with layers of hot fudge and whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles (aka jimmies), of course marachino cherries, and marachino chrry juice poured all over it.

enough of that

I hate saying this, I cant believe I’m saying this, but I think I’m sick of music, it bores me lately, its just the same shit everywhere, everywhere i turn. I’m sick of the music on Pandora, my once safe haven, its the same shit on the radio, i haven’t been to q’s in probably over a month and they’re still repeating the same playlist. even my mixed cds are boring me, but thats my own fault, but still when I sit down to make one, I can never think of any songs to put on it, just the same old shit. No artist excites me anymore, theres nothing new or different out there any more, I cant tell songs apart anymore, it just all seems like one three hour long remix. Maybe thats I have been trending towards the oldies so much lately, the shirelles, the shangri-las, the pipettes are my new favorites, a new band that sounds like an old one, I guess you cant go wrong with the classics.

I hate that when I got home at 2:30 I could hear the birds chirping, they were probably lamenting that it had started to rain again and their poop would be washed off my car. April showers bring May showers. its rained everyday this month. today was the first nice day, but a few sprinkles, not jimmies, still had to break their way in.

My feet still hurt, my brain still hurts, I’m still hungry, that granola bar stills looks disgusting, but my eyes are starting to hurt with tiredness. Thats a good sign.


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