Protege Moi

happy mother’s day

hmm well I almost burst into tears the other day over it at work. So silly but one of the girls was talking about how they saw the cutest mothers day card thats from the dog, and it just reminded me that i’m not a mother anymore, I miss my Stinky so much, he was such a good baby. Not that I dont love Linus and Marci with all my heart but theyre my moms babies, Stinky was my baby and he showed it. I miss holding him in my arms and rocking him to sleep. I tried to do that to Marci, and now I have a huge scratch on my arm to show for it.


so today I had breakfast with Dan and his mom, she’s such a cutie. I want her and my mom to be friends, although they don’t have the same taste in movies, Linda loves horror movies lol. I don’t know whats the deal with all partners mom’s name being Linda, Matt’s mom, rachael’s mom, some strange phenomena, like all girls being named Jennifer I guess.

Later had lunch with Aunt Judy and Uncle Pat, surprisngly it was devoid of pretty much all racist commentary. Although I’m not sure they truly loved my choice of a foreign car, but they held their tongues. With truly the best quote of the night. Basically she said that when she comes back in her second life, when she’s reincarnated, she’s wants to come back as a “lady of luxurory ” or basically that she wants a sugar daddy. She also told me to never, get married, don’t have kids, and never have sex lol


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