Hits from the 80s

I like word press much better than live journal because this site allows me to see how many times my page has been viewed, and the number is always zero, this relaxes me a bit, in the fact that I can be a bit free, because I know just really how easy it is to stalk people online, I have found the live journals and blogspots of so many guys that i was once talking too, and thats not a good thing, it can make you go crazy, and I dont want anyone going crazy over me, i’m not worth it.

and I’ve gone crazy enough over all these websites, they’re boredom killers, but when your bored all the time, thats when you get carried away. I had wanted to delete my myspace for awhile, just because I got so tired of it. And when I finally did it, I totally regretted it , just having that one connection less to the world, I rarely take part in any way. I’m glad I need now though. For one thing, it helped all the people who wanted to take me off their friend’s list and not feel bad about themselves.

its weird tho, a little wile after deleting it, steve texted me to ask if I was mad at him, I was confused at first, but he thought I unfriended him. I wonder if he was one of the people stalking me. hes such a weird guy, i really dont know what to think of him. He’s genuinely amazed at how nice I am, but really I’m just a push overn and I’m terrified of hurting people, like him for example; I really have no interest in being his friend, but I always talk to him…i don’t know I’m weird like that. but maybe I guess thats just how I want people to treat me.

i’m thinking of deleting twitter too, it serves absolutely no purpose, but I do eejoy it, or at least I did. The main thing tho thats holding me back is that I’m so bored at work I need something to waste time with, how sad is that.

I watched eagle vs shark today, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, I loved the girls character she was so sweet, the whole time the I just wanted to rio those orange shaded glasses off jemaine’s face.


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