Tra lala

so I went shopping yesterday and bought a few cute things. hmm lets try this out

okay so I’ve been had my eye on the maxi dresses for awhile but I’ve been a little reluctant to try one on, because I was afraid that with my body shape, it would just look like a mumu. but finally i forced myself to try this one on from ny & co, and I absolutely fell in love with it.
I was still a little hesitant about it though, because I have no idea where I am going to wear it, I mean it will look great while lounging with a cocktail at my beach house in hawaii, but for everyday I’m not sure. but it looked to go to pass up, so i figure I can put a cardigan over it and wer it to work.

Next problem, Its pretty long, so I would have to wear it with at least a little heel, and for awhile now, i’ve been far behind in the brown show department, i just recently bought two really great pairs from DSW, but they are pretty wintery. soo I found these
in brown at Shoe Woo, which is a store I love (but they disappointed me this trip). I tried a whole mess of shoes there, and the girl asked me if I was looking for shoes for prom, to which i replied no, I’m to old to go to prom. Really, its flattering I guess, but when I am going to stop being mistaken for a high schooler. well anyway, I pick those at for $66 bucks, but I loked them, and I’m apparently rich now. But later on I was trolling through Macy’s and saw the same pair for $49!!! So I quickly snatched them up and returned the other ones 🙂 Yay. Anyway, I think i may wear it for AC next weekend for Alisha’s birthday.

(lets see if those pictures worked now)


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