Pandora’s Aquarium

Well today was a little better, actually dragged myself up and out of bed, so thats always a good thing.  Went to fortunoaff to see if my martini glasses were any cheaper, and guess what they were! but while I was decided if I should buy two set s of the leopard or one leopard and one zebra, I saw these other glasses that I absolutly fell in love with, so I my decision became even harder and I ended up buying all three.

well I can’t find any pictures, but basically I got the leopard print martini glasses, zebra print highball glasses, and the third is a set off martini glases with a floral and bird print, its very very pretty. Then I found a set of regular glasses that are pink and have a cute tropical,polynesian print for pretty cheap, so I threw those in too.

but hey while I was looking for pics I found this cute girl


well I also got over to michaels and bought some beads to start making jewelery again, I’m finding it somewhat hard to find the patience to do it, especialoly with my fat fingers, but I was able to get through about half of my first project. I have large plans set up in my head for this, hopefully I’ll be able to carry them through.


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