Miss Take

Its sad to say this, but I think that this is the latest I’ve stayed up on a weeknight in a while, eww.

So I’ve decided that I really love/hate beading. I really do enjoy it, it takes my mind off of thing, and I have so many ideas. I went back to AC Moore yeaterday, and they just had so much cute stuff there, I wanted to buy it all, but I need to take it one project at a time. And plus its jusat been so super stressful and overwhelming at work the last few days, its nice to come home and keep my hands and mind busy, its quite relaxing.

But I hate it, well not really hate, just find it frustrating, because thing keep breaking and I have to start over, but I guess I’m still learning. and it will take some more time. also it really seems to be taking a toll on my hands, not only are they covered in super paper cuts from work, but the beading seems to be making them dry, and my nails are getting brittle and breaking. I have to find a good lotion that wont upset the paper cuts.

Anyway here is some of the cool charms I bought to work with, they have sooo much even nicer stuff on the website that I havent seen in stores, I want it alllllll!!!!!!!!!!!



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