thank god i’m fucking you…


time has been going by so oddly lately, the weeks seem to go by so incredibly slow. last week I really only worked three days but it seemed like the week would never end, probably because the work day goes by so slow.  but at the same time, the months are going by so fast, I can’t believe its June already. There are certain things I like or try to do once a month, like laundry or cleaning up, but this month I totally forgot about them, and now I’m making up for lost time. I also promised myself that I would start making doctors appointments the first of June, which I haven’t gotten around to yet either. 

Cleaning up my room, I have all of these grand ideas about how to organize my endless supply of stuff, they never really fall through though.

This weekend is supposed to be very nice not sure what I’m doing yet though. I’ll probably be going up to visit Shelley either saturday or sunday, and I’ll probably stop by Dan’s either before or after.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with that chick. All I want is her to be happy, no one should have to go what she is at the hands of someone she loves.  She really does deserve so much better though, I never liked him to begin with, but she has happy with him, and I was happy for her. Part of me wants to be like just leave him already, but I know she still loves him, and will always love him, and I cant even imagine her confusion to stay or go. Its hard to give up something you love, especially when they can really never change, or just change for half a year. I don’t know what to tell her, I just hope she can find her way and be at peace with her choice, and i will be there for her whatever it is.


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