Crystal Village

Today is going to be an insanely long afternoon. I’m sitting here at work with absolutely nothing to do. Fridays lately have been extra hard and long (teehee) since everyone seems to take off, and I’m really the only person left in the office. The last couple weeks though I actually had work to do and just no motivation to do it, today I have nothing, and I’m just sitting here counting down the minutes searching the limited resources of the web that isn’t blocked.

It’s weird that I’ve formed a sad bond with “Lucky” or Links the little assistant cat the pops up in Microsoft Word. He amuses me so much in my boredom.

I think Dan is the main reason the week goes on so long, in a good way though I guess. It’s really hard only getting to see him on the weekends, though it fuels the passion so much more, I just wish I could get just one more day with him so that maybe the week wouldn’t be so mind-numbing.

I’ve been reading The God of Small Things, and I really do love it so far. It’s a little hard to follow sometimes, I get confused with the names and the backgrounds of some of the characters, but the language is just so beautiful. It’s been awhile since I read a novel that feels more like a poem, and this is truly one of them. It really makes me wish I could write better, or that I at least I had some ideas to write about, I’m sure one day though my writing spark will ignite itself again, I just don’t think it will be anytime soon. Things feel too static right now, and not in a bad way, I’m truly enjoying it. But I feel writing will have to wait until something major happens, whether it be good or bad.

I am soooo ready to get out of here, I’m so tired of listening to people’s awful office chatter, my head hurts, I wish I wish I wish I had some vacation time, its driving me crazy

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