Paper Heart

On Friday, I took a spur of the moment trip to the city with Alisha to go see Paper Heart. Over all I thought this movie was adorable, Charlyne Yi especially. She was so cute in fact, Alisha had to tell me to stop proclaiming how cute she was. Her cuteness adorableness, innocence, and honest, though mostly caused smiles and awws, was heart breaking at times. I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug her. The movie was basically about Charlyne’s quest to find out what is the meaning of love, herself believing that she is incapable of feeling love. She travels across the country interviewing various couples, children scientists, bikers, and even an Elvis impersonator working at a Las Vegas chapel. The couples would give their thoughts on love, marriage, etc. and then stories of how they met or came to be would be re-enacted adorably through Charlyne’s home-made card board cutouts, cellophane water and all. One thing that you hear a lot when it comes to falling in love is that it happens when you least expect it. Although I don’t think it was specifically mentioned in the movie, it rang true with many of the couple’s stories. They were either dating someone else when they met, had absolutely no interest in them, or had never even noticed them before. (Harleys also seemed to be a key to falling in love.) The older couples especially gave me hope. How to be could meet so young and still stay equally in love for fifty plus years gives me encouragement. People seem to be so impatient these days, I know that if I ever get married I want my vows to be for life, I will stick it out to thick and thin, and that partially scares me to death. Many of there stories made me want to cry through smiles and hold on to them, only hoping one day I will have a story to tell of my own.
Early on in the movie, Charlyne interviewed scientists and biologists on what causes people to fall in love. They explained the rush of endorphins that are similar to what drug addicts feel, and the inherent biological need to produce offspring. However there is no clear reason as to why humans feel the need to love and seek out a mate. Charlyne then asked the heart breaking question of could it be possible for a person to be born without the chemicals that causes them to feel love. Their response was that although everyone definitely has the chemicals that maybe not everyone knows or understands how to use them. I suppose this is true. I think as a society we hold love in such a high esteem that we often mistake it for other feelings. He feel like, lust, or even desperation and want it to be love so we believe it is so, or we feel unloved and therefore believe that we are unloving or un able to be loved. I know that I have felt all of the above.

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