Precious Things

I like the way that British people say petrol instead of gas, And how they spell “flavour” and “theatre.” I like that they ask if you’re from the states rather than if you’re an American.  I swear I’m going to go to London again sometime next year, I’m not sure when and how though. But I swear that I’m going even if its just for a weekend.  I’m going to go see “The Light Princess” and no one’s going to stop me.  And I swear I’ll be sitting in the front row right next to Tori Amos.  Well I’m sure that part may not come true but that’s at least how I imagine it happening.  Before in this dream I was going alone, now I get to imagine bringing Dan along with me.  I know he would love it, well maybe not all over my Tori obsessing, but London in general.  We can go on a Neverwhere tour, and visit all the spots in the book.


It feels so nice and right in my head, I’m sure it will happen, I really hope it does.



Today my mom slipped and mentioned the “M” word.  I had to laugh though.  I was telling her that Dan wanted to make her dinner, and she was surprised and said something like your marrying a guy that will cook for you, I mean dating a guy.  I gasped and joked, it was funny.  I have to be honest though, for all my many readers (you one person whoever you are!) it is waaaaay too soon to even giving marriage a thought.  Although relationship so far is just wonderful and I really, truly hope that I will be with him long enough to start thinking about.  For now I am just happy to be in our state of puppy love, and I do not want that bubble to be bursted by anything so soon.  Now that marriage is a bad thing, its just an incredibly scary thing.


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