So yes its my favorite time of year again, the time of year when we celebrate and encourage my favorite pasttime, playing dress-up.  This year I honestly have not been much in the mood for it though.  Usually I have started designing and sewing my costume the first week of September.  This year I just thought up what I’m going to be last week.  Not sure what’s causing the new unenthusiam for tricks or treats, maybe its the fact that I’ve been feeling older, or maybe its because of my lack of friends and nightly plans.  But anyway, this year, after a few ideas I have decided to be Catwoman as portrayed by the fabulous Mis Julie Newmar.

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

Will since I don’t have a 22 inch waist I’m adding a skirt to the outfit. Here’s what it will consist of, hopefully I’ll get to post a pic when it all comes together.

But from the bottom up, these fabulous BCBG boots I got from TJ Maxx, lame (insert accent over the e) leggings from torrid, vinyl mini skirt from hips and curves, which by the way I want everything from their website, a black leotard from We Love Colors, and a lovely necklace I put together using Blue Moon Beads. I have yet to recieve the skirt and the leotard so i’m anxious to see them and how they fit since I have never ordered from either of their companies. But I’m still missing the most integral part, THE EARS!!! Who knew it would be this hard to find cat ears, I have been looking everywhere, and the only ones I’ve seen are either, gigantic, incredcibly furry, covered in maribou, or pink. I want something sleek, something sexy. The next location in my search is hot topic, on their site they have something which might work, but they have a bit of a purple them going for them, so I have to go there and check them out in person. I really miss my old cat ears, the ones i wore just about everyday in college, cause I just that damn cool, but alas they are long gone in the alternate universe of all of my lost, loved possesions.

Well I was at a halloween store last night searching for a pair of ears when there was this little adorable boy, of about 2-3 years of age, just weeping because he had picked up a costume of Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba, and his parents did not approve. In case you don’t know what Foofa looks like (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t here’s a pic.

Well crisis was averted when his parents quickly grabbed him a more masculine Groby costume, and all of the tears were completely diminished. This got me thinking though, if I had a son and he wanted to wear a girl’s costume would I let him. I’d like to think that I would want my children to make many of there own decision especially on things involving personal style, creativity, and self expression; since I consider these to be very important aspects in devolvping my own character and growing up. I think if my child was so young like this one was, 2-3, it was probably more of a case that it was the first costume he saw and recognized, grabbed it and cried when it was taken away, rather than it being what he truly wanted to wear. I think if a son where old enough to make his own decison and wanted to be a female character, before allowing him, I would let him first run it by his peers; if he could handle their mostly probable mocking, than sure i’d let him do it. But I think in most cases he would quickly change his mind once he heard the masculine costume choices of his friends. Anyway thats my two cents on that.


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