It’s Amazing

Wow sorry about that really depressing last post, it was a hard week, but I did finally get my medicine last week so I’m starting to feel like myself again which is always good. I hate when I have spells like that, I just hate feeling like I have to depend on the meds today, looked up some vitamins that are supposed to help with depression, so maybe I’ll try to start a regimen on those, maybe it will help me feel a bit more “naturally” happy.

Feeling much better today though, thanks in part to this truly awesome video of cats singing through autotune.

It really cracks me up for some retarded reason, death to autotune –except when used with kittens.

Anyway I also decided to really focus on my outfits lately, putting a lot effort into that. I mean I always try to look my best, but now I’m going for runway best. This way getting dressed is something I look forward to in the morning, because when I know I look good I feel good too. I’m thinking of maybe trying to start some outfit of the day thing going on here, it’s just a pain to get a good picture of my whole outfit without having to ask someone else to take it.


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