Human Behavior

So I have to admit that my whole looking better=feeling better idea is actually working pretty well. I’ve been feeling pretty good, I’ve even been waking up earlier in the mornings, and I’ve alreadyt made lots of new outfits, even though I don’t have the pictures to prove it (still working on that aspect.

But let me share my two favorite new items. Which are actually two very popular trends which I thought I would never buy into.

First up, the boyfriend jacket.
Okay so I never really got the whole “boyfriend jeans” or “boyfriend shirts.” To me, it seemed like just an excuse to wear baggy clothes. But now this season we have added the boyfriend jacket. While still baggy, or at least long, it remains a bit of a tailored look, which seems to make it look especially slimming when paired with skinny jeans or a cute tank. So I finally picked this one up from a.n.a at J.C.Penny’s and I absolutely adore it.
Not only does it look very polished, but it is extremely comfortable. I wore it though with the sleeves rolled up showing off the sleek silver/grey lining. I then paired it with a cowl neck top from new york & co. that has a geometric purple and grey print, my black Tripp skinny jeans and my lovely Kenneth Cole Reaction heels.

Next, the open-toed boot
I know, I know, it’s an oxymoron, but they’re are just so sexy I couldn’t resist this trend. The first time I saw these was of course in the movie, In Her Shoes, when that evil Cameron Diaz putz them on and seduces her sister’s fiance. And I wasn’t really sure what I thought of them, just that they were weird. But the more they became popular, the more I saw them, and the more I became intrigued. But surely this trend could never work in real life.
But then I tried these on…
…and I feel in love.
Meet Kendraa from Maddengirl via DSW, and at only 25 bucks how could I not bring her home. So yeah let me just say these are my new favorite shoes. My only problem is that I’m not exactly sure on the rules to wearing them. With pants they look great, my issue is with dress and skirts, the things I would mostly like to wear them with. You see I suffer from the fat girl’s disease of chub rub, therefore I must always wear tights, panty hose, or leggings when wearing a skirt, but I feel these would look weird with them. I could probably get away with sheer panty hose, though I would hate doing it. Would colored tights look absolutely crazy, and leggings, I would be all black from the waist down and then have just my toes exposed, that might look equally weird. I don’t know I guess I have to try them on with a few outfit and see what my options are.


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