Sleep to Dream

So it’s almost the end of January, and I have to say I did have a lot of hopes for 2010, but of course, any type of resolution I dreamed up has already gone down the tubes. I haven’t been to the gym once this month, I haven’t clean my room, I haven’t cut my spending, and I’ve only gained weight so far. And I have only one thing to blame, no not myself, it’s Pokémon. Yes it’s true, Pokémon is ruining my life. You see I discovered a little while ago that after playing the game for a little bit it truly helps me fall asleep. It keeps my brain busy so that I’m not thinking about all of the other retarded stuff that keeps me up at night, but at the same time, it requires little to no thought so my eyes are soon closing and I’m dreaming of cute little jigglypuffs and clefairies. Now here’s where the problem comes in, since it allows me to relax so easily I play it anytime I’m feeling a little stressed. So as soon as I come home from work, I say I know I’ll just play a little Pokémon to let me ease my mind and forget about the day. Next thing you know it’s 5:00 in the evening and I’m passed out under the covers. Then I’ll wake up at lets say 9:00, and say well its almost time for bed I’ll just play a little Pokémon to get me back to sleep. Next thing its 4:30 am and I tell myself, I have to wake up in a few I’ll just play a little to help me pass the time, next thing its 7:30 and I’m rushing to get to work on time. I seriously have not done my hair or makeup for work in weeks. I swear its like some weird narcotic drug, I just gotta catch them all, and its ruining my life. But in all seriousness, I have felt a little off balanced, I just need to get back on schedule and start leaving Pikachu back for bedtime only. (Mini side not: I find it incredibly strange that the Word spell-check recognizes Pokémon and Pikachu, and even auto-corrected it.)

I have accomplished one thing that I’m pretty proud of. I’ve been collecting my unused, ill fitting clothing for awhile now, and they have just been sitting in bags in my closet for a few years, until I finally teach myself how to sell them on eBay or find a worthy cause to give them to. Well I finally packed them all up, shoes and all, into three huge garbage bags and donated them to a Haitian relief fund. I have to say it did feel good just to get rid of them all, and I know I’m helping a very good cause (I even threw in a bunch of stuffed animals too). I hope they will find their way to helping someone heal if even just a little bit, because I know and I am grateful that I will probably never experience the pain and the loss that those people are going through right, and I pray that they can find some hope.

Well after that I feel a bit selfish talking about other clothing purchases. I have been looking to dedicate this blog experience to some kind of concrete purpose for awhile now. I had this idea last month that as my New Year’s resolution I could focus and cut down my spending a bit, and focus on that budget and the items I’ve purchased here. So I set myself up with a $50 a month spending limit for clothing, shoes, accessories, purses, basically anything fashion related. But of course I blew the budget on the first purchase. Sixty bucks on shoes isn’t so bad though. So okay I thought I did sixty this month, I’ll do 40 next. But then I saw a beautiful Betsey Johnson bag on sale that I just couldn’t pass up. $30 bucks for a BJ (snicker snicker) no one could pass that up (that’s what he said). Alright so here’s the new deal, since I am a fashion whore:

January I spent $100, Feb I’m allowed $90, March $80, etcetera, etcetera. That will leave with 0 for November and December. Okay now those are my two hardest shopping months cause I’m out buying gifts for other, and I love to give, so I’m at the mall and while I’m there I of course see a hundred cute things that I want for myself. So first assuming that I stay on this budget long enough, I might have to make some adjustments, like reward periods, or I can reduce it by $5 dollars instead of ten, leaving me with I think $45 in December, a little better. Or doing a yearly amount of say $1000 and working it out that way. Anyway I guess I’ll work out the kinks next month, since the Benjamin for this one has almost already been spent.

So here are the lucky winners.

Alright I went to DSW with a ten dollar coupon and these requirements in mind, either purple, grey, or navy flats or heels in any color. And here’s what I came out with:

First the Steve Madden Luxe Boca Wedge

Now I couldn’t find a pic of these in the actual color, but a got them in a lovely bright royal blue, okay not quite navy, but I really don’t have any pairs of blue shoes, so these will make an excellent addition to my spring/summer wardrobe. I haven’t really worn them yet, but in the store they seemed pretty comfortable and I’ve never had a problem with Steve Madden so far so I’m sire they’ll be great.

Next these purple flats by Me Too

Now in the store these seemed like the most comfortable shoes in the world, and they beat out quite a few other very nice runners up in the purple category. But when I put them on for work the next day with a pair of thin black socks they were waaaaay too tight, so I was a little disapointed with that, after changing into stockings my feet were still pretty cramped, and by lunch time I had to add the classic bandaids to the back of my heels and the side by my pinky toe. I’m hoping they will strtch out a bit, because they are super cute and go with a lot of outfits, but i guess my search for the perfect flat will have to continue on.

An now the item the blew my budget

OMG isn’t it just so beautiful, tigers are my favorite animal, and Betsey’s one of my fav designers, so its a perfect match. and well marked down from $98 to 29.99, I couldn’t leave it behind. The budget was meant to be broken, if only for this. I’m a loser, trust me I know.


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