Purple People

As much as I hate to admit it, I really do enjoy working out. I had a pretty lousy day at work, so I decided to venture back out to the gym for my first visit in almost two months. And as usual it felt really great, I was able to let off some steam in a productive way, I blasted my music and tried to keep my thoughts and that and my breathing, and just forgot about all the crap that I originally had churning through my mind. So why, oh why cannot I not get myself there everyday. I want to blame the weather; when it’s this cold all I want to do when I get home is curl up under the covers with my kitty and settle in for a long winter’s nap. So I tell myself that when it gets a little warmer, then I’ll be able to work out more often. But I do know that deep down, all I have to blame is myself and my laziness, so I just have to buck up and get my ass down there. Or at least just really praise myself when I do.

One good/bad thing about my gym is that it’s in a shopping center with a TJ Maxx, Mandees, and Dress Barn and I always seem to find myself wandering into at least one if not all of them at some point. Well my fortune cookie said, “New clothes open new doors. Go shopping” so of course I took this as a sign from the retail gods to take a trip over to TJ Maxx before my workout. I’m still on this so called budget though, so I wanted to be good. After perusing the purses I fled past the shoe aisle and wandered to the clothing to see if I could maybe find a nice dress. After trying on an armload of options, there was nothing I really liked, except for a pair of black skinny jeans, but of course the one that was in my size was missing a button, oh well. So I decided to save my fashion money for better pastures and wandered over to the home goods section.

I’ve been on a quest to better organize my jewelry lately. I built something to hang up and display my necklaces more neatly, and by built I mean I nailed two boards to my wall,
but I’ve been looking for the perfect earring holder. I was about to give in and buy one of those weird old lady dressed mannequin with the hooks coming out of the head things, when I saw this.

It’s a purple Eiffel Tower, how cool is that?! I love it!

I also found this Marilyn Monroe picture. I really liked the quote on it and I thought it would be a nice mantra for me to remember when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. So I now I can see it and try not to worry about the stress that I’m heading towards, and just focus on being my wonderful self, trying to improve that self, and try my best to forward that wonderfulness onto the others around me.

Anyway here’s is my OOTD
Top: Torrid
Vest: Dots
Pants: Tripp via Torrid
Shoes: Me Too via DSW
Earrings: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Torrid
Ring: Lia Sophia
Watch: Betsey Johnson, gift from my mom
Bracelet: gift, made from acai berries


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