It’s a Snow Day

So yesterday my mom was going to get her nails done at the mall and she asked me if I wanted to go to, well of course I said yes because nothinh cures a bad week at work like some retail therapy right? Yeah so I’m thinking I should rename this blog “How to Blow a Budget in 30 Days or Less,” cause let’s just say I got a little carried away. So I wandered into Torrid wanting to buy some tights and maube to take a look at there lingerie since they have their valentine’s sale going on. Yet somehow I found myself in the dressing room with a few more items. The first item I tried on was a red polka dot tank top, which I’m guessing is sold out online cause I couldn’t find a pic, and it was the last one in the store. I really wanted to like this top, I did. It fit awesome in the boob area but I just wasn’t happy with the sleeves. I felt like the shirt came way to low underneath the underarm area and exposed way too much of the pits. It would probably look nice under a white or navy blue cardigan, but I just wasn’t it love with it the way I wanted to be so it had to go back.

The next item I tried on was this skirt:
I actually really loved this, the dark blue edging on the bottom added some extra length and it fit great. I thought it would look niced toped with a red sweater or a fun t shirt. However in the end I decided against it, not to any fault of its own, but just because I felt that it was a little too young looking for the office and I really wouldn’t have too many places to wear it. If I was still working at Torrid though, I would have been all over it.
At the last minute I also grabbed this dress to try on:
Wow umm what can I say about this dress. It was very very tight, going up to a size 2 may have helped but it still seemed very, hmm whats the word I’m looking for, oh yeah slutty, well let’s go with revealing. Very low cut, which is not a bad thing, but it was also very short in the back, and I really couldn’t figure out the corrct way to lay the whole “bandage/rouching” effect. It seems like the type of dress that if you wore it to a club you would just be pulling it down and up and fussing with it the whole night, so this was definitely a no.
Here is another shirt that really caught my eye, but decided against trying on:
I really love the look of this new style with the embellishments on the shoulders. It’s very hip, very now, very Lady Gaga. But whenever I try any of these types of tops on I just get the feeling of gross 80s shoulder pads and I’m turned off. This one I really love the way it looked on the hanger but I was afraid on it would look like some kind of weird fashion robo cop or a boy scout or something. I think I’m just destined to love this style from afar for now.
So in the end I walked out with exactly what I came in for a pair of black tights, these black fishnets with little hearts
Photobucket (how cute!), and this little number for Valentine’s Day,
This babydoll was very cute, it held up my boobs great, and my bf has a thing for leopard print so it was a winner. The only thing I didn’t like about though was that it just came with the cheap little black thong that comes with the majority of thier lingerie, when it would have looked really cute with a matching leopard print piece. Good thing I think I already have a few items that I think I can match with it 😉


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