If I had a Money Tree: Alloy Edition

Okay so I’m starting a new wishlist feature on here and the first site I want to review is Alloy. Now let me just start off by saying when I was a teen, and an actual junior size, I used to order off of Alloy like it was the only clothing site that existed. Clothes were cheap, funky, in my size, and I was obssesed. Looking back now there are quite a few items that I heavily regret, like the jeans dyed red AND purple and all of the various ridiculous t shirts with stupid sayings like “I need a hug” which I thought were just so damned cute. Well needless to say, my shopping with alloy has waned with my age and I truly do not remember when was my last order (guessing over five years). But I am still on their email list and I do glance at the site every once in awhile. And I do have to say that their style has not only matured a lot, but also looks a lot better in quality. However since I haven’t ordered in so long, I can’t give much opinion in the fit of the clothing now or experience with customer service, yadda yadda. But basically if I had a bunch of money to spend here’s what I’d buy…

So in their tops and dresses they seem to be focusing on a really pretty bohemian hippie-dippy look for summer, which can be a lot of fun. Flowy tops make it super comfortable and breezy for hot day, but flower and paisly prints and low cut patterns can add some major sex appeal. Here are my picks.

I’m not usually one for yellow, but the colors here are so pretty, almost like stained glass.
I really adore this look, but for a bigger girl in might not be feasible if you don’t want the back of your bra showing.
Maybe this one is more realistic.
These knit tops look like they’d be super comfy and easy to dress up at the same time.

I love this color!

So cute! But for big boobs it would definitely have to be layered with a cami.
This is just gorgeous and I’m sure it would look great with a pair of leggings or some skinny jeans underneath.

Ooh finally something nautical! I guess the tank dress look isn’t going anywhere for now.

I will always be very wary of ordering any type of jeans from a junior plus site but Paris Blues were always one of my fav denim brands sold at Torrid, so these cute skinny jeans by them might just work great.
Purple cords? Yes please!
I majorly heart the bow on the back of this. I would pair it with a cute light blue striped or polka dotted top, that can give it a fun springy nautical edge.

Okay seriously considering giving in and ordering these, I am truly in love..
Love the embellishment on these, and they’d look super cute with all of those bohemian pieces.
Okay so I would wear the blue pair at night to the club and the orange pair in the daytime to the poolside cabana lol


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