Well to finally conclude the blogs on my February Budget-Blowing Shopping Extravaganza, my last stop on the trip was New York and Company. And becuase I have the most awesome amazing mom in the world, and she had a good coupon she added my purchase on to hers, Love you Mommy!!!

Anyway, this is the first shirt that I instantly snapped up.

Okay I know that its REALLY tacky, I mean it’s a sequinned sweatshirt. Those two things should never belong together; even just writing it out feels wrong. But I don’t know, I just instantly fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Its like pajama glam, I can wear it to work, to a restaurant, to a club, to a game (yeah like I would ever go to any type of sporting event), to the mall, and to sleep. I know, I know its wrong, but let me tell you, I saw this shirt months ago, and knew instantly that I had to have it, but I also knew that I was probably alone in my principles, and that it would eventually go on clearance so I left. And now here I am right in my assumptions and buying it for more than half off. P.S. it was totally a hit with all the old ladies in my office. They called it “snazzy!”

I also found this Zebra print cotton tunic for just ten bucks

And this super-soft dolman sweater in a light heather grey color.

The sweater was a red line item, and they had a sale going on that all red lines were buy one get TWO free, so yeah I kindof had to partake in that. I was tempted to buy the same sweater in one of the many other colors it was available in, but I decided to get two camis instead. NY & Co.’s camisoles are very comfortable and stretchy, however, Most of them come with that stupid built in “bra.” I use bra in quotes, because their idea of it is simply a clothe and rubber band. So a large chested girl like myself would have to wear a bra with it anyway. So its really like wear one and half bras and it shows off LOTS of cleave. Which is not nessecarily a bad thing, I have quite a few of these and I do wear them often. But when you work in an offfice and your trying to use a cami to conceal an already low-cut shirt, it kind of defeats the purpose. However they did come out with a new style a while back with no bra, and cute, small lace inlay, and I instantly fell in love.

So these were the two I picked up, one in a light minty green color and the other in a royal blue. I’m a little sad to see them on clearance though, see I’m guessing they are discontinuing the style, but hey two free camis.

So that was the mall, but prior to the trip I also decided to buy this dress online from Macy’s. I rarely ever buy clothes from Macy’s, I usually save it for the accesories and shoes! But I saw this dress and I just fell in love with it.

I thought it looked so perfect for the winter to spring transgression. I was a little nervous with the junior plus label and decided to play it safe by ordering a 2x. I’m glad I did because it feets like a glove, I think the 1x may have been just a tad too tight in the underarm area. It super comfortable and the brand has a lot of nice dresses in other styles too, so they may be something I’ll definetely go back too, just not anytime soon.


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