All Fired Up

Here’s what I wore Friday night when I went out with some friends to our friendly, neighborhood gay club.


Dress: Torrid
Belt: New York & Company
Tights: Hue from Macy’s (They’re actually a dark purple color but came out blue here for some reason)
Earrings and Necklace: Lia Sophia
Hair Clips: Torrid (They are purple also but came out blue here too)
Ring: New York & Company
Heels: Jessica Simpson from TJ Maxx (which I ended up switching out for something easier to dance in)

I ended up wearing my old standby club flats
Quaint & King via Shi by Journeys

So I had been looking for the perfect studded belt for a long time before I finally found this one at N.Y. and Company, and it has grown to become one of my most favorite go-to accesories. A lot of the other options I’ve seen out there for plus-sized gals seemed to have way too much going on on them, multiple size studs, gold and silver, circle and squares, glitter and other bedazzled throw-up. This one was simple enough but still got the point across that I’m a rock and rollah.

Well let me tell you Friday night, this belt went on a magical mystery tour; and only it knows where it’s been. I got to the club and sat in the lot for a bit, finishing up my new favorite Dunkin Donuts drink, the white chocalate latte, blasting tunes and waiting for my friends to arrive. I put my coat and purse int the trunk of my car and stashed my money and phone in my bra then I headed in. Had a drink, danced a bit, went to the bathroom, chatted with my friends outside while they smoked, pushed through an ultra-packed and hot as hell dance floor and had about a dozen half naked, sweaty gay boys thrown all around me. When suddenly I looked down, and what my belt was gone. (Dun Dah Dunnnnnn) Oh Crap, I replayed the whole night in my head, trying to figure when the belt popped off, and oh damn am I really that fat I didn’t notice it. I started to get sad, cause it really is my favorite belt and I bought it last year so they probably don’t sell it anymore, and I would never be able to find another one like it. So I came to the conclusion to calm myself down, that it must have fallen off while I was still sitting in my car, which was why I didn’t notice, and it would be there waiting for me when I left. I spent the rest of my night trying to enjoy myself, but still kept a wondering eye on the floor and anywhere my belt could have landed.

So we were getting ready to leave and I was looking for pieces of my crew to say good night. When I spotted a guy dancing with MY BELT wrapped around his neck!!! I ran up to him and was just like thats mine you found it I lost it can I have it back please. He looked totally confused but gave me a thumbs up and handed it back to me.

I decided not to put it back, in case it fell off again, and just carried it with me as I went meet up with my friends. When I saw them they were like, “oh you took it!” I was confused, and they explained to me that they found the belt earlier, not knowing it was mine, they tried it on and contemplated taking it for themselves but didn’t but they were happy that I did. And then we had lolz when I told them it was mine and it fell off me somewhere along the way. But I can’t help thinkiong, if they tried it on, how many other people did, where else had it been in this sweaty gay club, what were people doing with it. There’s lots of gross things you can do with a belt you know, but most importantly I thought, can I put this in the washing machine?


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