I want your lover’s revenge

Here’s what I wore today! This tiny gay boy working at Urban Outfitters complimented me on this and then went on to explain that he was happy that I was brave enough to wear such bright and fun colors lol. Okay thanks I think…


Dress: 23rd St from Burlington Coat Factory
Tights: Torrid
Shoes: Me Too from DSW
Ring: Torrid
Earrings: Etsy
Necklace: Betsey Johnson from Ebay

Can I just say how much I am completely and absolutely in love with this ring. Since my grandmother’s ring broke, I’ve been pulling out all my old, cheap rings just too have something to wear on that finger until I get it fixed or reset (it really feels so odd not to have anything on it). But unfortunately everything I’ve been wearing has been turning my finger to a quite lovely shade of green. Well I saw this ring on the torrid website a little while ago when I was making my floral polyvore set and I was instantly attracted to it; when I saw it in the store I fell even deeper in love. Not only has it not turned me any colors but, for a larger ring, it’s extremely comfortable to wear. The band part is actually stretchy like a watch strap, so it fits really nicely and doesn’t start to hurt when your fingers swell up by the end of the day. But there’s also just something to super sexy about it, the pearls and the starfish shape. Ugh I know what your thinking, pearl necklace, I felt gross just typing it. But if you want to get deep, there is something so romantic about pearls. They are just a little pebble or grain of sand that grows into something beautiful while living inside another creature. And the starfish shape of the ring adds to that life aquatic element. And you know some sea creatures can be pretty sexy looking

Or I just have a dirty mind lol, but it also reminded me a bit of Lady Gaga’s NYFW outfit, in which she covered herself in pearls


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