ASOS Curve Rant/Wishlist

Okay let me start with a disclaimer. I have never ordered from ASOS nor I have I ever worn any of their clothes, therefore I have no insight on the quality or fit of their clothing, or the company’s business dealings or customer service. That being said, I only found out about ASOS recently through the blogosphere, and like other fatshionistas, I was happy to hear that they wear coming out with a plus size lines, as it always excites me when I hear that any store carries larger items. And like other bloggers, when the curve line came out I was sincerely disappointed. Everything looked baglike and horrible, there was maybe one top i found cute and would even consider purchasing.

Cute, but I could probably find something similar at Dots or Rainbow.

It wasn’t until other bloggers started posting reviews and pictures of themselves in the items that I realized what it was that I disliked about the line so much…

It was this Idiotic looking model!!!

I mean here are all these beautiful plus sized girls showing off clothes that i originally thought were atrocious, and now they are looking like awesome, creative, and have-to-haqve pieces! Seriously was this the fattest girl they could find in London, now only does she have the same vacant expression in every picture, but the clothing looks like she just pulled it out of a dumpster.


So here is my statement:

Dear ASOS,

Please use models that:

a. can fit in your clothing
b. look happy to be wearing your clothing

I bet you would make a lot more money this way.



So for the wishlist portion of this blog, I’m going to provide you with a picture of what asos has to offer and then a link to a lovely lady modeling it the right way!



These two dresses and Tiffany’s review were my main inspiration for writing this post. She just brings so much more life to these dresses than the original model ever could; and now I am in love with them and I want to waste all my money on them, thanks a lot..


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