Bouncing off Clouds

For the first time in what feels like forever, the weather is absolutely beautiful. I drove with my sunroof open, my boyfriend and I went for a walk in the park, there were blue skies and duckies, and everyone seems just a little bit happier lately.

To celebrate the onset of this warm weather and good feelings, I’ve been dressing in a sunshiny, springtime mood. Here’s a few ootds showing off some new things I bought with my many happy birthday coupons…

Sweater: Torrid
Cami: Express
Pants: Source of Wisdom via Torrid
Shoes: Torrid
Bracelet: Tarina Tarantino free gift from Sephora
Hello Kitty Necklace: Gift from my BF
Earrings: Betsey Johnson from TJ Maxx

I took this quickly and didn’t get a chance to do any detail pics on the accessories, but let me just start off with saying I LOVE this cardigan. It’s very punk yet femme, very 80s and very Betsey Johnson. The colors of the roses are my three favorite colors so it will match with a lot of pieces in my wardrobe.
Get it here

Also, Source of Wisdom is very quickly becoming my favorite pants/jeans brand. They fit me great, are really comfy, and they don’t seem to have that problem that a lot of Torrid jeans have where they slowly stretch out as you wear the and by the end of the day they are falling off. These are actually really stretchy, I probably could have gone down to a size 16, but kept with the 18 just for my own comfort sakes, but they need to be worn with a belt.
and here

The top is from Express. Now I have the same relationship with Express as I do with H & M, their stuff is often stretchy or runs a little big so its easy for me to fit in some of their tops. But what annoys me most is they carry an extra extra small but no extra large c’mon wtf. I normally only go their when they are having their super-crazy dig through a box clearance sale, but I had a coupon thinking I’d just some cute accessories, but I actually came out with three really great tops. This is the plainest one I bought, it’s a little too cleavage bearing for work, I’d have to layer something under it, but the little flower detail on the side makes it one of those great comfy/sexy pieces, perfect for night out.
and even here

Next up is my spring time nautical look!


Dress: Alloy
Shrug: Torrid
Belt: Jessica Simpson from Burlington Coat Factory
Leggings: Lane Bryant
Shoes: payless
Earrings: Target
Necklace: Macys
Ring: Claires

So I included this dress in my Alloy wishlist blog and later decided to purchase it with a bday coupon for $10. It’s a very cute dress, that’s very much my style, but I think even with the coupon, I paid too much for it. The fabric is incredibly thin and wrinkles easily, and the dye from the skirt rubbed off and turned my hands a lovely shade of na’vi blue. I’m sure once I wash it (by itself) it will be fine, but basically my impression of my first Alloy purchase in well over 5 years can be summed up as cute stuff but cheap as hell.

wait for it to go on clearance


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