You’re the Big Star, Today!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday, and although the number does scare me a little bit, I had a great day, spending time with my boyfriend and enjoying a sushi feast with some friends 😀 I wanted to keep it low-key, this birthday kind of snuck up on me this year, but I enjoyed it, and it was probably one of the first times I wasn’t carded. Maybe I’m finally looking older, or maybe they just figured if we were kids we wouldn’t be out on a school night.

Anyway, in the post before I mentioned that I have been receiving tons of birthday coupons, and I would love to share what I’ve been buying, along with some other cool gifts that I received. So the other night I made a polyvore set of all my fantabulous new stuff.


I also received from a friend the new Hello Kitty sweater from H & M. I haven’t tried it on yet, but I am praying that it fits. I just love it so much, I think it would literally break my heart if it was too small.

On another birthday note…I really hope someone out there in interwebs land recognizes where the title of this post comes from. If not, it’s from a song that I used to hear every year on my birthday. A little thin floppy LP record from “Captain Zoom” that sang a personalized birthday song. My brothers and myself each had one, and my parents would wake us up with this song every year up to the point where it just became too embarrassing. Now that we’re older it’s become somewhat of an inside joke in our family, we still sing it to each other or leave it as a voicemail on our days. Recently my brother found a website dedicated to Captain Zoom and learned they are still making and selling it (as a CD or even mp3 now of course). I even found a facebook fan page for it. And this year was no different, My brother sent me this video a singing telegram man singing it to another lucky Jennifer out there. 🙂

Let me know if you remember this or had one too when you were young!


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