Summer Skin

One of my favorite new color trends popping up for Spring/Summer is coral and turquoise. This combo can look earthy and calming and goes very well with the bohemian look, but it can easily be vamped up when the color pallete is darkened to give it a sexy, high class appeal.

Here is a polyvore set I created to showcase some of my favorite color and turquoise pieces appearing in the plus size world.

Here is my take on this trend…

Top: Express
Jacket: Torrid
Pants: Tripp from Torrid
Shoes: Nine West from Shoe Woo
Earrings: Etsy
Necklace: Express
Headband: CVS
Ring: Lia Sophia

This top is definitely one of my favorite finds from my recent shopping haul. It was one of those were I saw it on the rack and just thought oh no that is way too much, but then the more I shopped around, the more it stayed in my head. So I figured I would just try it on, it probably won’t fit anyway; I went into the fitting room and it was like angels were singing and the Express gods were blessing me. Okay not really, but I loved it! I wish it was just a tiny bit longer though, so I could get away with wearing it with just leggings. From the picture online the model is wearing it as a dress, but oh well thus is the curse of having big boobs. There was another necklace there that I originally fell for; it was a beautiful turquoise bib necklace. I haven’t completely bought into the whole bib trend yet, I mean I like them when i see them on displays in stores but I could never picture wearing them myself. This one was the first one that I truly thought would be perfect, but the price tag was not so much. I ended up picking out this beaded necklace; its simple, but has a lot of little small details too it that make it special.


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