Painted Nails, Sunsets on Horizons

Here is my latest OOTD

Dress, Cami, & Leggings: NY & Co.
Belt: Rainbow
Hello Kitty Necklace: Gift
Earrings: Ralph Lauren via Loehmanns
Shoes: Steve Madden Luxe via DSW

I normally wear this dress with either a black cami or nothing underneath, but I looking for something else to match it with the belt and I really just loved the way it came out with the bright blue cami. It was a really fun and happy-looking combo that I would probably have never thought of otherwise.

I’m really loving this belt though. I don’t normally have too much luck with Rainbow. I went there to find some leggings, but I couldn’t even pull up their size 2x on me, and I didn’t feel like going back into their dirty fitting rooms for a 3x. But I spotted this belt on the clearance rack and I just couldn’t put it down. It’s not really the type of thing I would go for, but for some reason it reminded me of the rapper M.I.A and her crazy, colorful style.

I’ve been in love with M.I.A for quite a few years before she really hit it big; I would try to get my friends to listen to her and most of them were just really like “what is this and why are you listening to this?” (I’m not really a rap person.) But she was just so different from anything I ever heard before and I just was amazed by her attitude, message, beats, style, etc.

This is a cool remix of one of my fav songs from her. Whenever I hear this I always think that it would make an awesome runway stomping song.


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