If I had a money tree: B and Lu Edition

In case you didn’t know Skorch magazine is giving away a $100 B and Lu gift certificate. All you have to do is post an outfit pic to their facebook page. Well, B and Lu is definitely one of my favorite online store to stalk, so of course I entered and I’m really hoping to win. I am constantly on the B and Lu page just haven’t brought myself to place an order with them yet. From reading online it seems that they have really great customer service and everything, but you know there is always still some fear in ordering something online from a brand you are unfamiliar with. So let me know, have you ever ordered from B and Lu? How was your experience? How is the fit and quality of their clothing?

In anticipating of winning lol, I created a Polyvore set of some of my favorite items from the B & Lu website.

B & Lu

Probably my favorite item is the orange and turquoise Kieko dress. Something about the color combination, it’s very different from what I usually go for, but I am just absolutely loving it for spring/summer.

They also have some really cool t shirts available now, but unfortunately I am an a t-shirt buying ban. I recently counted the number of tees i own, and its reaching 100, and since I have to dress professional for work now, I really don’t even get to wear them often. It’s really hard though, passing up all the cute Hello Kitty tees there are in the world le sigh…


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