Double Denim

Denim kind of scares me, okay not really at all. Jeans are fine, jeans skirts are good, I’ll even take a denim jacket. But pair that jacket with any other denim piece and I will be running to the hills. I think it comes from my days of working in the mall and customer swore that head to toe matching denim suits were totally awesome trend. Umm no thank you please. So this denim everything thing going on right now, shoes, purses, shirts, vests, scares me quite a lot. Especially the shoes, denim shoes just make me thing of old lady denim keds from walmart or something. But on the other hand, there is really so much cute and different denim stuff coming out my mind is slowly turning. I think the problem is that it’s just too easy to get mess up; it’s very 80s and fashion from inspired by that time period can either come out totally rockin or total disaster.

Well on they are having a Double Denim Contest, in which you must create an outfit using at least two denim pieces. I decided that this would be a challenge for me that I would really like to try, and I actually had a lot of fun with it and thought up quite a few different outfit ideas. Here is the set I created..

Double Denim

Well I had so much fun with this I decided to make another set of all the cool denim things I was finding

Too Much Denim

I am especially loving that tiered denim skirt from Torrid and aren’t those denim converse heels just too much for words.

So I am fully converted on the denim trend, but I did learn a few key tips.

Like all good things keep it in moderation, keep denim pieces to two or three, don’t do head to toe.

When mixing denim its easiest to go with different shades. When doing the same or similar shades you gotta keep separated. Leave some space between them and add a non-denim statement piece/

Light denim looks great with pastels, earthy colors, and the bohemian look.

Dark denim can go edgy, mix with leather, studs, spikes, or go for the military look.

Medium wash looks great with everything, but I like it best paired with bright, primary colors for a fun summer look.


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