I haven’t really been in much of a blogging mood lately. I have been waking up late, getting dressed in a rush, skipping makeup, and just throwing my hair back in a ponytail. But I’m promising myself that I am going to get my act together and start waking up early so that I can have tons of new and pretty outfit posts.

I haven’t been in a total fashion rut though, I’ve just been getting it out in a different medium. I’ve been using Polyvore a lot on the blog, and I am now officially obsessed with it. Not only is it a great time killer, but it also gets out my shopping urges in a completely economical way. I can play with all the clothes I want, make tons of outfits, and I never have to worry about price or size. It’s every girls dream, now if only I could wear them…

Anyway, there are many groups and contests on the site which give great ideas and inspirations for sets. I found one called 25 Challenges, which gave 25 set themes or items to use. Well I finished all 25, and since I don’t have much to blog about and I had a lot of fun doing them(and some were quite a challenge), I thought I would share them here with you.

1. Search for you name and use what items come up.

2. Use only Vintage pieces. It was very hard finding real vintage, and not just vintage inspired
div>Challenge 2
Challenge 2 by kittywitch9 featuring Vintage Jewelry jewelry

3. Use those stripper shoes to make a non-stripper like outfit

4. Make an outfit using pieces with different patterns (I totally want to wear this one!)

5. Use the flying pig image

6. Use all one color (of course purple my fav!)

7. Use a vogue cover

8. Do something eclectic (Pretty vague but I think Beth Ditto is definetly eclectic!)

9. Leather Leggings – Okay I got a little silly with this one, I really wanted to use the miu miu cat shoes, and while searching for other cat pieces I found this picture and it just cracked me up and I had to use it.

10. Use Hollister, Abercrombie, and Coach – I’m not really a fan of these brands, thus the sheep background.

11. Use a Kentucky Derby Hat

12.Use items only from the first page of the most popular items of the day.

13. Use items from C.C. Skye

14. Use items from Alexander McQueen

15. Use items from Betsey Johnson

16. USe these Miu Miu shoes

17. Use 5 items or less

18. Use things you would normally wear (I just ordered this dress from Asos and I can’t wait to wear it :))

19. Use items from Topshop

20. Use Lace, Sequins and feathers together in a non-tacky way.

21. Base on outfit off of a celebrity.

22. Use three of the cupcake items

23. Use shutter shades

24. Use a celebrity quote

25. Whatever you want