What I did on my summer vacation.

Not much at all.

This summer, I wanted to use my newfound free time on some major self-improvement projects. But of course laziness kicked in and I spent most of the time dallying on the internet, reading, and slowly becoming nocturnal. I did however get to go on a little vacation, which was well deserved and tons of fun, so I thought for my first post back here I would share the details with everyone.

Since I had a lot of money saved up from when I was working, I wanted to take myself and my boyfriend somewhere nice, after perusing many options and some major indecisiveness, I settled on visiting my brothers in Florida and breaking my boyfriend’s Disney virginity. I booked a pretty cheap midnight flight hoping there would be no screaming children (there still totally was) on Jet Blue. (BTW our flight was a few days after the whole Jet Blue diva incident and I was expecting super politeness which was received, on the flight back though, they did make a joke over the loud-speaker not to annoy any of the flight attendants because “we pop slides here.”)

On our first day we went to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Amusement park. I had never been before, in fact I’ve never been to a water park before, but my boyfriend and I had seen something about it on this most extreme amusement parks show on the Travel channel so we wanted to check it out. The theme of the park is pretty cute, its supposed a ski park that was melted and turned into a water park (also there is really no Disney characters in sight).

Its main attraction (and the reason why it was considered extreme) is Summit Plummet, one of the tallest and fastest free fall bodyslide in the world. It is 120 ft high and a 12 story drop, and it was my first ever water ride.

(picture from http://www.wdwinfo.com)

I am not going to lie, it was terrifying. People were chickening out as we were waiting on line, and I was just getting more and more scared. But I did it, and honestly I would never do it again. Don’t get me wrong, I love thrill rides and rollercoasters but I honestly thought I could have died on it. Well my boyfriend enjoyed it anyway.

Besides that near death experience, the rest of the park was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the fact that there is a relaxing lazy river circling the entire park, so basically you never have to walk to any of the rides, but you still have to walk up like a million steps to get on each ride, which by the end of the day was completely killing my calves.

The next day we went to Universal’s Islands of Adventures, I was especially excited to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I knew the lines were going to be crazy long but I needed to do it and ohmigosh it was so worth it! It was just like stepping into the books and I had such a huge smile on my face, I felt like a little kid!

Entering Hogsmeade

Had lunch at the Three Broomsticks

The highlight of it was definitely the butterbeeer. Oh my god I will be craving it for the rest of my life. It tasted something like butterscotch and cream soda, and the “foam” on top was like melted ice cream. I wish they sold it bottled so I could bring several cases of it home.

The main ride was definitely worth the wait in line. I was told by someone before going that I probably wouldn’t be able to ride it because I was too fat. But they had the tester seats before the line, and a woman working there helped me with it and I did fit comfortably. They were very polite about it and I had no problems with that. Apparently though when the ride first opened it was very organized, and people waiting hours to get on were kicked off for being too large. (At the time I was about 225, so I’m guessing anyone over 275 might not be able to fit.) The ride was completely worth the wait though, and even though it did break down while we were on it, we were able to hop back on and ride it again.

The next day we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It was actually on a somewhat historic, and very nerdy day too. It was the last day that they were running the Star Tours ride, it closing down and they are building a new revamped ride. I do love all of the really lame 80s effects though, and my boyfriend the major star wars geek really enjoyed it. We also got this totally awesome picture taken!

You can tell I look pretty fake cause my face is all chubby and “my” boobs are tiny, but my boyfriend looks pretty perfect. it was cause for so major lols.

Our last day we took a break from the parks and went on an airboat tour. Since we did it later in the day, we didn’t get to see much wildlife. But I did hold an alligator!

His name was frodo and he was super cute, especially because he had his mouth taped shut!

Overall he had a really great time, my boyfriend is already planning what he wants to do on his next trip back.


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