So This is Halloween…

Ahh fall is in the air, and you know what that means, back to school, the best styles of clothes, and of course halloween is on its way.  Pretty soon, Spirit costume shops will be taking over every empty store ever; witches, spiders, and sparkly orange things will be filling up drug store; we will all remember how disgusting candy corn is; and everyone will be contemplating who they want to be.  

Since I was a kid halloween has always been my favorite holiday, forget presents, I was not even that crazy about the whole free candy aspect (okay maybe a little crazy), but an entire holiday based around dressing up, hello i’m in.  I loved the idea of wearing something crazy, something that would be frowned upon for everyday wear.  And I always took my halloween costumes very seriously.  Having a handy mother who could sew fabulously I was in luck, and to this day I have never worn a store bought costumes.  But since I was a kid, starting in august, I have always checked the costume store ads to get ideas. So when I found my first store popup ad of the season for, I of course had to check it out.  

First I checked the plus size costumes.  I have to honestly say the selection for these have gotten better every year, and I think it has to do with Torrid.  I remember maybe 5 years back the only plus sized costumes available were medieval wench and nun.  Now I believe since torrid has teamed up with Leggs avenue (I don’t know this officially but the costumes and packaging seems exactly the same) the costumes for plus size girls keep getting better, and even include the word sexy in them.  

Some of my faves from this store  

I kind of love that viking girl/opera singer one I think it would be the type of costume that only a plus sized gal could pull off.  

Anyway, here’s what really inspired me to write this post, the “sexy costumes.” Thanks to Leggs Avenue again every year we as women are bombarded with sexy costumes.  As so eloquently stated in the movie Mean Girls, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. ”  

Of course we have your usual sexy cat, sexy career choices (cops, nurses), and then the sexy spin on beloved children’s characters.  

Snow White there are roofies in that apple


But this year the sexiness has gone to a whole new level.  Of course these costumes have always been meant to grab the attention of men, but this year they seem to be wanting a certain type of man, that is the nerds.  

For your consideration..  

Sexy Wolverine

Sexy Princess Peach

Sexy Ninja Turtle

Sexy Optimus Prime

So these are what make up my boyfriend’s wet dreams…  

Then we have some sexy costumes that really make no sense at all, sexy horror movie killers  

Sexy Jason

Sexy Freddy

Sexy Chucky

And last but most certainly not least…  

Sexy Leatherface?!


I mean come on, isn’t the whole point of Leatherface is that he has a Leather Face. Of all the characters that should not be sexified he is probably criminal numero uno.  

Mentioned earlier was the sexy fairytale characters. I get the appeal of these. Many girls grow up loving Disney princesses well into adulthood, and may want to dress up as a more grown up version of one. And let’s face it, Disney draws them to be pretty sexy to begin with. But then there are some childhood characters that just shouldn’t be touched.  

Sexy Big Bird

I do like her tights and shoes though.

Sexy Elmo

sexy Nemo

 Only perverts find clownfish sexy.  

So what do you think guys? Have you had any thoughts on your Halloween costumes yet? I’m considering maybe a sock hop girl, have the poodle skirt and all, I do also kind of like all the beer maid costumes, but those seem too common right now. And what do you think of those “sexy costumes”? What’s the worst one you’ve seen?  


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