If I had a money tree: Tarina Tarantino Edition

One of the great things about the Sims games is that you get to grow money trees; oh just one of the many reason that real life should be like the Sims.

Anyway, Tarina Tarantino is having a Labor Day Sale going on this weekend, 20% off your entire purchase!!! So if you’ve had our eye on something, now is probably the best time to get it. Not going to lie, even without my money tree I picked up a couple of things. (If life were more like the sims I would also receive them instantly, right in my room lol). But there are just too many damn cute things on that website. Besides all of her regular jewelry I am just obsessed with all of her special lines. How does she know to make things out of all the stuff I love? Why does she torture me so?

I really love some of the non-Alicey flower pieces in this line. I just kind of wish she made more Cheshire cat pieces instead of the Mad Hatter; most people only like the Mad Hatter when he’s Johnny Depp and even then he is a little too creepy.

Oh I just love, love, love the Glinda pieces, she has always been my absolute favorite character from the movie. And all of the “bubble” items are just so beautiful and haute looking, too bad they also have some pretty couture prices. I also really like the jade colored Dorothy pieces. Not quite sure why though, I guess you would always expect light blue to be matched with her; the jade shows off some of that Irish flair she is supposed to have.

Oh Barbie, one of those things us girls (especially us clothes-loving girls) never seem to grow out of. I did a Barbie post a little while ago(Wrapped in Plastic) but these deserve another mention. I am obsessed with the Queen of the Prom pieces, and that blue heart necklace is one of the ones I finally picked up. I just love these all though, they give off that perfect fun Barbie flair without seeming childish at all.

And of course, Hello Kitty. Oh if I could just have everything from this line, I couldn’t fit all of them into this little square so these are just really a few of my favorites. The Gothic Lolita pieces are definitely my top choice. I already have a bracelet in this and I bought these earrings in the sale. But the ring is what I really want, it’s so gorg but at eighty bucks its going to have to wait. I also adore all the Bridal items, they are just so elegant, and if you are a little intimidated wearing Hello Kitty on your wedding day, I think they would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.

So in conclusion, Dear Tarina, you and your items are perfect, wonderful, fun, classy, elegant, have attitude, and our major wants; but alas your prices are not. But a girl can dream right, and this sale is a nice step in the right direction!


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