Gotta Have Faith

A little while ago I made my first visit ever to a forever 21 store that carries the Faith 21 line, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. When I first heard that F21 was really a plus line, I was happy because they do some really cute stuff at nice prices, but I was also a little hesitant since many times their prices aren’t the only thing that’s cheap. I was expecting not so great quality and possibly poor fit. When I saw their sizing online I was even more discouraged (a 3x = an 18!) and hesitant to order anything online. The nearest store that carried the line was in a mall about an hour away (and luckily near my boyfriend’s house) so after seeing a lot of cute things I decided to make the trek and finally check it out in person.

On entering the store, I thought like so many others, the plus items would be pushed to the back in no man’s land discouraging any straight size customers from wandering back there and dare seeing a fat person by mistake. But the items were sectioned off nicely in the middle section of the side of the store, after the straight sizes, but before the clearance. Everything was displayed nicely (a little messy) but there was a sales assoc. there straightening things up and helping out customers. I quickly went rummaging through the racks and found an armful of items to try on. I picked out mostly items in a 2x since that is their 16, but a lot of the 1x’s looked pretty room, so I alternated through some sizes. I’m glad I waited to go to the store because a lot of things that I loved online I thought were gross in person and vice versa, and there was a lot of surprises hiding in those racks.

Here’s what I ended up getting:

1X, Not quite sure when or where I’ll wear this dress, but its such a pretty color and the bottom skirt sparkles and falls in a really pretty way, I couldn’t pass it up.

3X The belt loops were ripped on this skirt, an easy sewing fix, and I got it for half off.

1X I love the print on this dress, it has shoes and cakes and forks and Eiffel towers lol so cute. Even in the 1x though the top and shoulders felt really big on me. I’m not sure if it’s just the style of it or if I should take it in a little bit (OOTD post coming soon).

2X, this is one of the items that I didn’t like online but looked really cute in person.

2X I love the print on this top so much, normally a style I don’t usually go for, I prefer tops with some kind of waist, but I was really happy with the look of it.

Some other items

Tried this on in a 2x, the zipper detail was really cool looking and even had a bit of sparkle, but the shirt didn’t have enough stretched and the parts with the zipper pulled in, felt way too tight, and gave it an odd shape.

Tried on in a 2x. If I was still in high school I would be all over this top, I love anything with a big cat! But it was just a little too baggy and drapey looking for me. Not sure if a 1x would have been better, I decided to leave it in my youthful past. Though I must say this is one of the cases were the quality surprised me. The material was so soft and not thin at all like you would expect from other junior line tees.

Kudos Faith 21, you made me a happy shopper, and I will definitely not hesitate again on making the trip. Because the sizes seemed kind of off for me, I probably won’t be ordering online anytime soon, but I’m already making a wishlist for my next trip!


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