New Challenge Pumps 1/50

So I had been blogging pretty consistently for a long time when I discovered the site Polyvore.  I found a lot of bloggers using it and thought it would be a great tool for me. Then like so many other black holes of the internet, it began to consume my life.  Not really lol, but it became a great time killer, I could sneak onto it at work, it was unleashing my creativity in a fun, easy, and relaxing way; and pretty soon I was on there more than I was blogging.  Then I lost my job.  And though I gained a lot more free time, I lost a lot of confidence and a reason to leave my house. I wasn’t dressing up, I wasn’t being cute or creative in pretty much anything, and I was losing all reason to ever get back into a healthy blogging schedule.

But I’m back now, or at least I’m trying a bit harder to get back to the place I was once, and to help me get there I’m starting a little challenge for myself on here.  I got the idea from of course Polyvore.  They have lots of neat little set making challenges, like make 50 sets in different styles or different items.  One of the challenges I completed was to make 50 different sets with 50 different types of shoes.  I thought it would be fun  to challenge myself a little more and make each of my sets using only plus size clothing and models, because I really feel like there is not enough of that on Polyvore.  Anyway I had a lot of fun completing the challenge, when I got the idea to try in real life.  Show my polyvore set and then do an outfit of the day with 50 different types of shoes.  Well I confess I’m already a shoes whore and probably already have well over 50 pairs of shoes, it would be a fun challenge for me to get me dressing up again (and hopefully getting out of the house too!) and okay, an excuse to buy any type of shoe that I don’t already have. (Maybe I’ll try to weed out my collection a bit too and get rid of some of the types i have too many of.)

So here is the first one: Pumps

1/50 Pumps

1/50 Pumps by kittywitch9 featuring high heel shoes

Black Surplice Bandage Dress, $43
Annees Folles 140 pumps, $767
Gold Crystal Jeweled Heart Clutch, $630 18k Two Tone Gold Snake Earrings with Multi Color…, $2,150
Alkemie + Rose Cocktail Ring, $130
Alkemie + Snake Cuff, $190
(You’re also going to get to see my polyvore skills improve over time.)
With this set I was going for a theme of temptation. I am just so in love with those snake and apple earrings and that sexy lbd from Torrid would make any girl feel like a seductress.

Now here’s my outfit based around a pair of pumps.

Dress: Faith 21
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Torrid
Bracelets: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: Hello Kitty from QVC
Earrings Betsey Johnson from eBay

My boyfriend took the picture and I didn’t realize that you could see my bra in just about every shot. So that shows what I was saying in my last post about how the top part seem a little baggy even though it is a 1x. I think I may have to try taking it in at the sides, but I’m afraid it might ruin the look of the dress. In all other aspects though the dress is perfectly comfortable and fun to wear and I love it. The shoes I got at Torrid a few years ago and I think have made a few other appearances on the blog. Though I have a lot of heels, these are really the only pumps that I own. I prefer to wear heels that have a strap on them otherwise the back of my foot always falls out. They were part of the first “Save the Tatas” line and some of the proceeds went to breast cancer. Even though I loved everything about them, I had held off on buying them for a while because Torrid shoes never seem to fit me that great (they don’t carry half sizes). Then they were the last pair left and I just couldn’t leave them all by themself. Being that they are a half-size too small, I don’t have the falling out problem but my toes get kind od cramped in the front. If it wasn’t for that, they would probably be my most comfortable pair of shoes.


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