2/50 Platform Sandals (Not Quite)

I wanted to make this set one word, adorable, and I think I acomplished it pretty well.  The brooches I used as frames in the background are just too cute for words.  The two felt ones are from http://www.hannahzakari.co.uk/ which is a must check out.  All the items there just have such a fun, quirky, vintage feel and I want just about everything on there.  The dress from Torrid (which I think is still available on clearance now) is super sweet and playful, and paired with the light pink LAMB sandals adds just a touch of sexiness, while still looking like the girl next door.

For my real life addition, I swore for some reason, that the sandals I owned were platforms.  It wasn’t until I was taking the pictures that it finally cleicked in my head that they are wedges. Oh well.  I think the only other thing I owned that could be close to a platform snadals, was a pair of those ridiculous platform flip flops that were popular around the same time as the Spice Girls, that I finally threw out about a year ago.

Never again


 Anyway Ootd featuring “wannabe” platform sandals.


Top: Faith 21

Capris, earrings: Torrid

Stretch Ring: New York and Company

Shoes: Unlisted via DSW

I also wore these shoes a few months ago for a wedding.  Unfortunately they weren’t as comfortable as I wanted them to be.  I wore them most of the night but had to change into flats later on at the reception when dancing was necessary.

Dress, Shrug, and hair accessories: Torrid

Necklace and earrings: Lia Sophia

And well just for old times sake


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