Another Reason to Love Fall

As I think I stated quite a few times in  this blog,  Autumn is my favorite season.  Not only do you get the excuse of dressing up like a crazy person, stuffing your face with candy, and drinking tons of delicious brews.  But the weather is just perfect.  With the changing leaves and crisp, cool air I find myself wanting to spend more time outside now than I do in the summer.  This weekend I made sure to take a nice long walk around my neighborhood with my boyfriend so we could take in the early crunch of fall leaves and check out any fun Halloween decorations. When enjoying the weather though, one very important fall fashion accessory is necessary, the light jacket.  This year, there seems to be tons of different jacket options available.  Here are just a few styles I found around the web.


Outerwear by kittywitch9 featuring a cable knit cardigan – Jackets & Coats
96 EUR –
Coats »

coats & jackets – new in – evans
60 GBP –
Coats »

coats & jackets – new in – evans
60 GBP –
Coats »

Classic Woven Peacoat
$33 –
Forever21 »

Black Asymmetrical Zip Puffer
$78 –

Outerwear | Lane Bryant
$150 –

Every year pea coats are a huge fashion statement for fall. This season there are tons of different colors and patterns to choose from.  I really love the young, fun look of the purple plaid coat from lane bryant.  But if I was buying another coat this season I would propably go for Torrid’s cream ruffle jacket. It has the comfortable look of a pea coat. But a shorter length and the ruffles give a really unique flair, not to mention ruffles are huge right now.


Another fall favorite is the leather jacket. I always go faux, not only because its animal friendly, but its cheaper and a lot easier to take care of. The tan bomber jacket from Asos Curve is super sexy and falls right in with this years military trend.  There are also a lot of really cool looking metallic and colorful leather jackets to choose from. Another trend I’ve been seeing around is the crinkled leather jacket. This is one I’m not to sure about though. To me anything crinkled or pre-wrinkled just looks likes its been bunched up in the corner of your closet for the last six months. What do you guys think?

I am also really loving that cable knit cardigan from Lane Bryant. It just looks so comfy and perfect to wear out or just around the house.


So what is your favorite fall jacket?What will you be wearing as the weather gets cooler?


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