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I’ve been playing with this idea in my head for a long time. When I first started writing Musing and Meowing is a just your average, personal, and boring blog.  I decided I should try to pinpoint on just one subject; I love to read, so I thought about book reviews, but it just never really happened. My other big love in life in clothes.  But I really do not consider myself an expert of style, I’m more just addicted to shopping.  And when you are plus size, a condition like this can be a bit difficult.  Soon I found the “Fatshionista” community and I felt truly at home. I was dressing up everyday, posting awesome outfit picks, connecting with bloggers from around the world, discovering awesome new places to shop, gaining actual readers on my blog, and having a lot of fun. Musing and Meowing soon became a strictly fatshion blog.  My brother proposed to me the idea of buying my own domain name.  I was considering it but I was confused about the details, because if I did I would want a name change.  I was in love with Musing and Meowing, but I thought it was a little too long for a web address and didn’t really suit the new vibe of my blog.  I was afraid that if I had made the change at the time I might lose what little readers I was gaining. I stayed in this happy but torn blogging mode for awhile. Then I lost my job.

Unemployment is usually a godsend for most bloggers, but in my case I became very depressed and with that came the feelings of self-consciousness.  I started to feel like blogging was too vain and narcissistic, and that no one gave a damn about what I was wearing.  I no longer had a reason to dress up, I was wearing pajamas everyday and feeling sorry for myself. 

But you know what? Blogging is pretty vain and narcissistic, and no one really does care about what I’m wearing.  But I do. The way I look is very important to me.  I feel as I plus sized woman I have to work even harder to look good.  And when I look good I feel good, then I make other people feel good around me.  And I want that feeling to be contagious, especially for bigger girls who may think looking good is too much work.  Trust me, it’s not and it’s worth it.

So now I decided to finally make that change.  I bout a domain name and I moved my blog. I choose In Between Fashion, because not only am I often in between sizes, and in between the border of plus and straight sizes, but I’m also constantly in between and shifting my personal style. One day I’ll be vintage sexy secretary, the next I’ll try modern bohemian.  I love to mix styles, especially between modern and vintage, I love to try crazy new things, I’m always in between something. Thus this page was born.

So I hope if you are reading and do enjoy this blog, you could please spread the word and update your blogrolls to the new page and title,

Thank you,



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