To My Sixteen Year Old Self

Last week on twitter, one of the trending topics was “tweets to my 16 year old self,” where users wrote notes of encouragement, advice, or reminders to their former selves.  When I was sixteen it was 11 years ago, 1999, we were facing Y2K and I was slowly becoming the person I am today.  I enjoyed reading a lot of the tweets that people were posting, and I thought of so many of my own that I decided to take it a step further and write a blog of the things I wish I could tell my 16 year old self.

  • Wear clothes that fit you, Oversized shirts make you look bigger, and undersized ones do too.
  • Don’t let mom bother you too much with the amount of black eyeliner you wear; it looks good on you.
  • And on makeup, start using blush and mascara, they work wonders
  • If you want to hear flowers in your hair or crazy headbands, go for it; they will become incredibly popular ten years later
  • Don’t let ANY man do ANYTHING to you that you don’t want
  • seriously
  • Don’t let anyone decide anything for you, if you think you can do it, or you should be somewhere, then you can and you should
  • Apply to more colleges, you are smart enough
  • Keep writing and don’t ever be ashamed or embarrassed of what you write
  • If you think someone is lying to you or treating you badly, get away
  • Keep in touch with the people you love
  • Trust me, college is MUCH better than high school
  • Keep loving yourself because you were, you are, and you will always be beautiful

Now on to the clothes…

To go with this blog I decided to make an outfit that my 16 year old self would find totally drool worthy.

Tank Top, Cardigan: Torrid size 1
Pants: Kik Girl From Torrid size 18
Sneakers from Hot Topic
Necklace I made myself
Hair Clip and rubber bracelet from Claires
Bangle from Express

I liked to dress pretty gothy in high school, and I would have totally loved this tank top.  Can’t really read it in the photo, but it says “I’m not shy, I’m just quietly stalking my prey.” Also the hello kitty sneakers are to die for at any age!


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