How cute is this?

Introducing a new segment on the blog called of course “How cute is this?” where I show you something that makes me go “aww I want one!”

For today’s installment I give you Paul & Joe Sparkles Collection Cat Lipstick from

It’s so cute I wouldn’t want to use it, but my question is how would you even use this? If anyone out there gets this let me know how do you apply it on straight, does the cat image immediately get wiped away? Oh well for now I will just bask in the glory of its cuteness online.


4 thoughts on “How cute is this?

  1. I’m curious what the other opposite side of the kitty face looks like… if it’s flat and smooth, like other lipsticks, even with the pointy ears, one could manage to get it on without making a complete mess, and it wouldn’t immediately ruin the cuteness.

    • hmm I don’t know, I’m guessing it would be smooth or at least rounded. I’m so tempted to buy them just to see what it looks like up close, but they are little to pricey for make up that I just want to look at and be amazed by though lol. They definetly would make a great conversation piece like Elle said!!

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