Leaves that are Green Turn to Brown

Today is probably going to be one of the last nice weather days of the year on the east coast, so I decided to celebrate by playing with leaves in my backyard.

Top: H&M XL
Leggings: Torrid 1
Boots: Payless
Bracelet: from a Norwegian festival I went to a few years back
Earrings: Claires I think

I have a confession to make, this top is from the maternity section of H&M. No I’m not pregnant, I just find a lot of cute things there that actually go up to a bigger size. I feel weird though shopping there, like someone will see me and think the wrong thing, or they will just think “Gee she’s so fat she has to wear pregnant lady clothes.” But I don’t know I get a lot of compliments from the things I have bought there, so I guess they look nice, and don’t make me look like I am pregnant (which some plus size items can do). It’s not like I’m actually shopping in maternity stores; just if I happen to see something I like in the section of a store I already shop in, and if it fits and looks good, I’ll buy it. I don’t know what do you guys think? Have you ever shopped in the maternity section while not pregnant? Are you embarrassed about it or do you wear it loud and proud?


4 thoughts on “Leaves that are Green Turn to Brown

  1. Can I just start off by saying you are beautiful! Second you look like you were having so much fun in the leaves! Third that shirt looks great on you! It doesn’t matter if you found it in the maternity section or not! I am a full believer of if it looks good on you then go ahead and buy it! Doesn’t matter what brand or store or section that you found it in. Clothes are already hard enough to come by for people who don’t fit the social norm.

    • Aww thank you so much, you’re such a sweetie! lol I definitely agree with you, for the most part I wear whatever looks good on me and I don’t care what other people think of me. But I guess with the maternity items I am just afraid I am going to get caught lol, and people with think I am pregnant. Its such a silly thing, but I guess I need to stop caring and just be happy it looks good on me!

  2. The first time I found a maternity dress that was a perfect fit for my never-been-pregnant body, I was shopping with my older sister, who didn’t care that it was an adorable vintage wool tweed and absolutely forbid me to buy it. Like a fool, I let her bully me, and I’ve regretted it ever since! I’ve also been making up for in spades, by always shopping the maternity section of every thrift store. My awesome bathing suit is a thrifted two piece wonder from Old Navy Maternity, and I get tons of compliments on it. Thanks for the good tip on H&M… Last time I was there, I didn’t even think to check the maternity section, and actually left in tears because nothing fit me.

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