New Necklace Love

Hello All, I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and have finally recovered from your food comas, and if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, I hope you ate a lot of food anyway.  Did you take advantage of any of the amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that were out there?  I took a little too much advantage, and I’m waiting for a ton of packages to arrive. I have to make some room in my closet though, so I am going to continue to sell  some of my clothes on my ebay page. I hope to update it everyday so please check it out, I will also be updating the Kittywitch9 Store page on my blog with all of the items I’m selling.

In the mean time I wanted to show off two very beautiful necklaces I recently purchased.

This beautiful Fuchsia Agate necklace is from the Ample Goddess Etsy Shop, This shop specializes in jewelry for plus sizes featuring larger bracelets and anklets, but she also has tons of gorgeous and unique items for goddesses of any size. I’ve been looking for a necklace like this for a while, and I just fell in love with it the second I saw it. Please check her out, her items make lovely holiday gifts for moms, sisters, friends, and of course yourself.

I also received my fat necklace from Definatalie! I ordered the frosty pink color and I was just so amazed by how beautiful it looks in person; I especially love to admire it while holding it up to a light!

If you haven’t already please check out her artwork is just too lovely and precious, and its one of my favorite blogs on the web right now.


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