Va-Va Vintage

One of my absolute favorite styles to emulate is vintage or retro; I especially love 50s and 60s looks and I am obsessed with pin-up girls. As a plus sized girl, however, it is near to impossible to find actual vintage pieces that fit, look good, and aren’t muu-muus. Since I’ve been in college it has been one of my goals to find the perfect vintage dress, and I think I may have accomplished it with the help of Cupcake and Cuddlebuddy.

If you haven’t heard about Cupcake and Cuddlebunnny yet she is a plus sized designer who was recently featured in the Re/dress Indie Designer Fashion Show. Besides having like the cutest name ever, they also have tons of gorgeous, modern, and inspiring designs for sizes 14-28 that you can’t find anywhere else. On her Etsy shop she also has quite a few one of a kind vintage pieces for sale. This is where my dream came true. I just about died when I saw the Tweed Lu-Owl Dress in her shop. Then I just about died again when it arrived at my house and it fit perfectly!

Wearing this dress makes me feel like the sexy Christina Hendricks in Mad Men. It’s so retro and fun and I am so happy with it.

I paired it with the Asos Curve Pretty Polly Back Seam tights to play up the retro feel even more. I love all back seam tights. (I even considered getting “seams” tattooed on the back pf my legs so I could always be wearing them. I’m wearing the sheer here but I also bought them in black. This is the first time I am trying the tights from Asos, overall I am happy with them but the did slip down about as I wore them which got to be a little annoying.

My cat totally photo bombed this pic with his glowy laser eyes!

I also bought these super cute booties from Naughty Monkey on sale at DSW, and I think they just might be my new favorites. The slight wedge heel is just enough to add some height, but they are still super comfortable, and I love the roomy open feel of them.

And since this is the Lu-Owl dress, I just had to get a cute little Owl necklace to match with it. This is also from Etsy, from the seller robotosdemuerte I know Owls have been popular for a while, and I’m a little late on the trend, but lately I’ve just been wanting everything owls, I even got cute little owl christmas cards.

Dress: Vintage Cupcake and Cuddlebunny on Etsy 16/18
Belt: New York & Co. XL
Tights: Pretty Polly via Asos XL
Shoes: Naughty Monkey via DSW
Necklace: robotosdemuerte on Etsy
Ring: Lane Bryant

And just to add to the vintage feel I took this picture with an app on my camera phone!

With the dress also came the most fabulous button which is now being displayed proudly on my purse!

“Double chins are the new black!”


2 thoughts on “Va-Va Vintage

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  2. “double chins are the new black”.. I love it! 😀 then I am very much in style haha. I love your dresses, you look fab. happy new year to you! ❤ Anika

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