Not much of a secret

One of this week’s Post Secret post card really made me laugh because its something I have often said to myself.

I mean I already spend way too much money on clothes, imagine if I had the option of shopping in any straight sized store I wanted! I would be bankrupt!

Well even though I’m not thin, and I have a much smaller selection in clothes shopping, I always try to make the most of it. Honestly I hardly ever feel like my weight is causing me to miss out on much fashion wise. My closet is filled to the brim, and when there is a trend going that hasn’t quite made it into plus-sized territory, I try to find the closest thing possible and just make it work!

Anyway, here’s a fancy outfit I wore a little while ago to a club. I had bought this dress from Dorothy Perkins during the summer in hopes that I would have someplace glamorous to wear it to. Unfortunately that never happened, so I decided to just wear it on a regular night out and be extra sexified!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins UK size 20
Tights: Hue from Macy’s
Shoes: MIA from DSW
Necklace: Betsey Johnson from Ebay
Ring: Etsy
Bracelets: Miss Selfridge


7 thoughts on “Not much of a secret

    • Thank you, I wish there was a Dorothy Perkins near me, I would probably shop there way more. But for now I only go online when they are having really big sales!

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