I’m Paying it Foward!

Remember that depressing and slightly creepy movie where Haley Joel Osment totally got shanked.  Well the Pay it Forward movement has been slightly resurrected in a way that doesn;t involve buying cars for random people or getting one of your teachers to fall in love with your mom.

Messy Carla decided to start this Pay it Forward idea on her blog, and it has quickly been popping up everywhere! I joined in over on Cid’s Style File.

Here’s how it works

Image from Blargle Fargle

The first five commentors will receive a hand-made item from me, and in turn they will post this to their blog and send out hand made items to their readers by at least the end of 2011, Simple and fun right! So please comment with your email address or a way I can contact you and get your mailing info. Also since I know a lot of people are already participating in this, sign up anyway if are. I thinks it doesn’t mean if you have to send out even more stuff if you don’t want to, just I know this blog still has a small readership and I would really love to get many people to participate!

Anyway here’s a random outfit pic!

Top and Cami: Torrid

Jeans: Source of Wisdom via Torrid

Ring: Tarina Tarantino via Regencies.com

Necklace: Betsy Johnson via Macys

Shoes: Crown Vintage via DSW


4 thoughts on “I’m Paying it Foward!

  1. That ring is adorable. 🙂 My boyfriend and I always buy whatever Hello Kitty (or Hello Kitty inspired) we can for this one friend we have who now has a massive collection. lol.

    What are you thinking of doing for your Pay It Forward Challenge?

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