Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Let’s face it, whether you’re single or in a relationship Valentine’s Day is pretty much a corny holiday. I tend to think people take way too much stock in it and place high expectations on it that are rarely ever met. It’s kind of only fun when you’re a little kid and you get to eat tons of candy and buy cute little cards for all your friends. I really don’t like to take the holiday too seriously; if I’m in a relationship I just like to go out for dinner with my guy, and if not I’ll just go out with my friends and make it into a fun drinking night. This year my boyfriend is working on the date, so we’ll probably just do something fun over the weekend.

Even though I don’t go overboard over Valentine’s, I still like to take the fun little kid approach and wear red and hearts, give the people I care about hugs and kisses, and sometimes I even still do buy those little cartoon character card from the drugstores.

any excuse to buy cute Hello Kitty stuff!

So I decided to make to sets of fun valentines day outfits. One is sweet for date night or fun with your friends, the other is sexy for night time valentine’s fun!

Valentine's Love

Valentine’s Love by kittywitch9 featuring leather handbags











Robe en satin ceinturée
$30 –
Satin robes »



black lace tights
8 GBP –
Black pantyhose »




Valentine’s day Heart ring
$15 –
Metal rings »



City Chic Accessories – City Chic
$24 –




I am especially in love with the rose dress from Torrid, the rose outline gives it a vintage feel, but the shape of the dress is still very modern and figure flattering.

And for something a little naughty

Valentine's Sexy

Valentine’s Sexy by kittywitch9 featuring heeled shoes




Plus Size Lingerie Sets | Underwear Sets
$22 –



Plus Size Lingerie Sets | Underwear Sets
$22 –



Raspberry Pink Plunge Corset
$30 –




Plus Size Lingerie| Bras | Knickers
$5 –


Plus Size Lingerie| Bras | Knickers
$5 –


Plus Size Lingerie Sets | Underwear Sets
$22 –


Plus Size Lingerie| Bras | Knickers
$5 –




Valentines Day | Lane Bryant
$55 –


Red and Black Lace Shaping Slip
$38 –




valentine’s chocolate



Everywhere seems to be having lingerie sales for the big date, so you can get a lot of great finds for cheap prices. My fave is the Black and pink rose bustier from Torrid, the pattern reminds me so much of Betsey Johnson and its great to wear any time you’re feeling sexy, not just this one night!  Also how cute are those maribou slippers from Hips and Curves, anyone would feel like a fabulous Diva in those.


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