Velvet and Love

Life has been pretty boring lately; I haven’t been doing much and haven’t had too many reasons to dress for anything fun, thus the lack of posts lately. But I wanted to post today, just to clarify to the entire internet world that I am in love with Velvet.  It’s one of my favorite trends and fabrics ever. It feels so luxurious lol even though it’s probably really cheap.  I want to wear everyday or until it gets too hot out, then I will go somewhere cold and wear it some more.

Here is an outfit with double velvet…

(Once again I have to apologize for poor picture quality, I have to play with my camera settings and figure out why they keep coming out like this)

Velvet top: New Look UK size 20
Cardigan: Torrid size 1
Grey jeggings: Forever 21+ size 2x
Velvet headband: Asos
Earrings: Metropark (gift from the bf)
Watch: Betsey Johnson (Gift from mom)
Bangle: Torrid
Shoes: Joan and David via Shoe Woo

This was my first time shopping with New Look and I was very happy with my purchases, it definitely won’t be the last. The top also featured lace shoulders and back.

So yes this outfit contains velvet, florals, and lace; I’m so girly.

I also want to brag about my shoes! I’ve been on the search for the perfect pair of metallic oxfords since trying on a clearance pair at Kohl’s and putting them back because I thought they might have been too tacky. Since that day I have been longing for that tackyness back in my life. I found these beauties on the last days of’s closing clearance sale. The beautiful pewter color made them look so fun but gave a more subdued look and professionalism compared to the original cheapy pair I wanted. And trusted me these were not cheap either, their original price was $180!!! But I picked them up at a steal of $40 bucks, shoe worshippers delight!


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