Curve Appeal with JCPenney

Recently I received in the mail a catalogue from JC Penney featuring their newest plus size items, and I have to say I was very impressed.

Shopping at JC Penney can sometimes be very hit or miss. Although their prices are always great it can be a hard search for great fitting items that are also on trend. Usually after an hour of digging through sales rack I might find just one or two things in my size that I actually like.  But it looks like JCP is going to try to turn around their plus size department as so many stores are realizing that fat girls like, want, and are ready to buy fashionable clothing.  The catalogue features younger models like Ashley Graham showing off form-fitting clothes in flirty poses, no dowdiness or mom jeans are in sight. There are also a few items that are a part of the People Style Watch Must Haves, which were hand selected by the editors of People Magazine for great spring looks.

Here are a few of my faves that are available on the website now.

JCPenney watch




JCPenney jewelry


JCPenney : women : plus
$50 –


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