If I had a money tree: Domino Dollhouse

I’ve been on a clothing spending freeze for a little while now, but as spring rolls in and stores are coming out with lots of cute new items, my will is slowly breaking down. One of these shops is Domino Dollhouse. They are great site if you are looking for an alternative to what’s available on the plus size market.  They carry lots of cool punk and retro inspired items while still playing with bright colors and fun patterns.

Here are some of items that I am dying to have in my closet right now.

I am absolutely nuts over the high-waisted suspender skirt. It just might be the one to break my shopping fast. Also how amazing is that turban hat. Turbans are getting more popular, but I’m still pretty hesitant to try them. They give off such an old school glamor, this hat might be the easiest way to break into this trend. I am also loving the lime green items. Its a color you don’t see to much, especially in plus size stores. But that skirt looks like a great piece for spring, without being to overwhelmingly bright. And how cool would it look with that awesome floral hat. Paired with some doc martin’s I think that might be a Clarissa Darling dream.


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