Memoirs of a Kitty

I’m sure you all know by now that I am completely obsessed with Hello Kitty. When I heard a while back that one of my favorites stores, Sephora, would be carrying a line of Hello Kitty cosmetics I completely flipped out and really had to hold back from ordering one of everything. Now that the excitement has died down a little bit, Sephora is introducing some new items in a collection called “Memoirs of a Kitty,” featuring Japanese inspired items with a cherry blossom design.

Yes, you have my attention again, and I want one of everything please!

The collection includes a cosmetic case, a notebook, and a new eye shadow and blush palette.

Oh and hello, Sephora is also selling two items that have come straight from my wildest fantasies.

The container with brush set and hand mirror are made from Swarovski crystals and sell for $495 and $350 respectively, so umm yeah get into my life please.


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