Brown mood

I’ve been feeling a little depressed lately, I think it might be showing through my outfit choices. When I should be enjoying spring in all of its fun floral girlyness; I’ve been opting for brown instead.  I’m honestly not a big fan of the color. Its one of those things that I like on other people but not for myself. I have though been trying to buy more brown pieces though lately, since it can be a fun neutral to work with and play up.  I wasn’t even planning on blogging these two outfit since I thought they were boring (and also because I didn’t have a chance to get good pictures). Well instead of flowers right now, I will be representing the beauty of the tree trunks. Often unrecognized or maltreated in nature, it can symbolize strength and it is where beauty grows and sprouts from. So there, I will be happy in brown!

Top: Torrid size 1
Pants: Asos Curve size 18
Boots: Payless
Beaded Bracelets: Torrid
Bangles: Gift from a friend
Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

Top: Torrid size 1
Jeggings: CJ by Cookie Johnson via Ideeli size 18
Boots: Crown Vintage by via DSW
Necklace: Express
Ring: Fashion to Figure


4 thoughts on “Brown mood

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